When Should You Bring Your Child to the Dentist?

Looking for a dentist for kids, but not sure when you should start bringing your child? Here’s what you need to know.

Many new parents wonder when they should start bringing their children to the dentist — not because they possibly have dental problems at a very early age but to have regular checkups and make sure everything is right, developing and in place. It’s just like every other aspect of a young and growing body: you want to be certain there are no issues that could develop into big problems later and possibly be more difficult to remedy.

Surprisingly, however, many parents tend to neglect their infants’ teeth and overall dental health. Perhaps “neglect” is too strong a word, but there can often be a perception that getting a dentist for kids is unnecessary because your child doesn’t actually have any teeth, or they’re just starting to appear and there’s nothing to worry about. Plus there’s the fact that milk, or primary, teeth are going to fall out anyway — so what’s the point of bringing your child to the dentist at such an early stage in their development?

By the time your client reaches adulthood — or at least when they’re in their late teenage years — they will have around 32 teeth, which is the usual amount for most adults. Ensuring they’re all healthy and don’t present any problems means a lot of looking after them up to that point, and it should begin as soon as possible. A survey in the United States a while back found that most people don’t take their kids to the dentist until they’re at least two years old, and that’s actually quite late, because most dentists believe children should have their first dental examination by the time they reach one — or six months after they get their first, initial, teeth.

Why You Need a Dentist for Kids

Even when children have baby teeth, which number around 20 at birth and are important in helping to form and shape the face, parents need to take care that they’re developing properly. Making sure nothing interferes with them, such as a bad diet or one that’s high in processed sugars, like soft drinks and some fruit juices, is vital because the aim is to ensure they fall out naturally before the permanent teeth make their appearance.

Primary teeth are also important because they allow the child to chew their food properly and, therefore, get high levels of nutrition to support their developing bodies. These temporary teeth are also involved in the development of a child’s speech, and they act to save space for the coming permanent teeth. Baby teeth also serve to provide an infant with a sense of wellbeing, as they give them a healthy smile and make them feel good about themselves.

Finding a Good Dentist for Kids

If you’re looking for a dentist for kids, it’s recommended to find one who specialises in this area as part of their general practice — as well as a dentist who offers high levels of personal care and attention. Ask around, look online and see if you can find some patient reviews. When you do locate a dentist for kids who you think might be suitable, have a discussion about your child and what you should expect.

The good news is that the big “fear of dentists” won’t likely affect your child if you start to bring them to the dentist very early — as they will be too young to know what’s going on. If your child is a bit older and you’re thinking about making an appointment for a checkup for them, it’s a good idea to familiarise them with the dentist first. Doing something like bringing them along the next time you’re having a checkup or your teeth cleaned is a fantastic way for letting them see there’s nothing to worry about and any fears of having their own examination most probably will not arise.

Starting out early with your kids’ dental health will help to ensure they have great teeth all their lives.

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Photo by Edi Libedinsky on Unsplash