Dental Monitoring

What if you could straighten your smile from the comfort of home? Well, it’s possible thanks to Dental Monitoring!

Dental Monitoring allows our orthodontic patients to skip the trip to one of our clinics. All they need to do is send us a weekly selfie.

Dental Monitoring App

What is Dental Monitoring?

DentalMonitoring is a revolutionary smartphone app that allows our Clinical Director, Dr James Hiney, to remotely track your orthodontic treatment progress. Instead of visiting us for appointments, you’ll send us a photo through the app and wait for our recommendations.

As long as things look good, we won’t need to see you at our practice. If things are going really well, we might recommend that you come in for your next appointment sooner – speeding up your treatment time.


How does Dental Monitoring work?

To get started with DentalMonitoring, you first need to sign up for your orthodontic treatment using the app above. Once scheduled for your first appointment, we will complete a full assessment of your teeth when you visit one of our clinics.

We will use whatever orthodontic treatment you choose – Damon System, Incognito or Ormco Ice White Braces – to begin your treatment and provide you with a projected treatment plan. This means you can progress through treatment from home, work, school or vacation as long as you have access to wifi!


What are the benefits of Dental Monitoring?

Our patients love Dental Monitoring because it means:

  • Fewer visits to our clinics
  • The ability to complete treatment from anywhere
  • Constant communication with our team
  • Faster treatment results

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