Alternatives to Dental Implants You Can Consider

If you’re having trouble getting dental implants in Ireland, here’s what you can think about.

Dental implants may be required if you have a lost tooth or teeth and you want to restore the space not only so that you look good but also for improved oral health and efficiency when eating — and allowing you to eat a greater variety of food because you can chew better. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants in Ireland and are wondering about the process and procedure, the first thing you need to know is that they’re not suitable for everyone, and, indeed, not everyone is a candidate, for a number of reasons.

Implants are attached to the jaw bone with a type of screw that then has an abutment, or connector, attached to it and it’s all capped off with a crown — a false tooth that will be created to resemble the existing teeth and their colour. Having dental implants takes a while, as typically the procedure is carried out over a number of months, with the intervening time allowing the jaw bone to heal and the screw to fuse and become secure. Dental implants are also relatively expensive, although here at The James Clinic, we offer our patients a finance package to help ease the burden by spreading the cost over a year or more.

While dental implants have a high success rate — of up to 98% in some cases — they can and do fail. It’s frustrating when it happens, for the patient and the dentist, as all those months of work, and money, have gone down the drain, and you’d have to wait several months more, for more healing to take place, before trying again. You might not be a candidate for dental implants if you have poor oral health and perhaps have gum disease, are a smoker or have diabetes or other conditions that could impact the success of the implant.

Options Other Than Dental Implants in Ireland

After examining your teeth, your dentist might recommend that instead of having dental implants, you instead consider full-mouth dentures. This will most likely be the real alternative to dental implants in cases where there’s a large amount of damage or gum disease and a number of teeth have to be removed; it can also be the workable option if you’re missing most or all of your teeth, or if they all have to be removed. Full-mouth dentures will look like real teeth, and better in some cases, as they will be created so that they’re straight and aesthetically pleasing.

Another solution if you’re missing teeth and dental implants are not possible are partial dentures. They cover spaces where a number of teeth are missing along one part of the jaw bone and are made so that the plastic base they’re attached to blends in with the colour of your gums, so it’s practically unnoticeable. Partial dentures may be clipped into place and allow for easy removal so they can be cleaned or repaired. They’re one of the most tried-and-tested tooth-replacement alternatives to dental implants in Ireland.

Bridging the Gap When Dental Implants Aren’t Possible

One popular remedy for patients unable to get dental implants in Ireland because of their situation are fixed bridges. They do what they say: covering, or bridging, the gap in teeth, and the tooth filling the space is not anchored directly to the gum because adjacent false teeth it’s connected to are bonded in place instead. It’s a good, affordable and permanent solution to gaps in teeth, especially if you can’t have dental implants.

Many people with bridges say they feel comfortable and look natural, and because there’s no special cleaning or anything else required, there’s nothing much to worry about — including the possibility that they might come loose. With anything that’s not entirely natural in your mouth, however, you do need to take care and pay attention to it, and this is also the case with fixed bridges.

So there’s no need to fret if you can’t get dental implants in Ireland, as there are some real, great-looking and effective solutions to filling the gaps where teeth once were.

If you want to find out if dental implants are suitable for you, please get in touch with the dental experts at The James Clinic today. We will be pleased to offer you a consultation and give you the best advice for your dental problems.

Photo by Yingpis Kalayom on Unsplash