What to Do before Going to the Dentist for a Cleaning

If you’re scheduled to go to the dentist for a cleaning, there are some things you should know beforehand, and they’re right here for you to discover.

Having your teeth cleaned at your dentist in Ireland is essential if you’re to have good oral health and make sure your teeth last and look great. Ideally, it should be done every six months, and it has the effect of helping to prevent tooth decay that could be caused by a buildup of plaque — that sticky, off-colour substance that’s almost impossible to brush away yourself and is brimming with bacteria — as well as gum disease and cavities.

Having your teeth cleaned by your dentist in Ireland will also remove all the many stains that are caused by the foods and drinks we consume — everything from colourful and spicy curries to tomato sauce, teas, coffee, fruit juices and red wine. After years of enjoying these and more, your teeth will start to look dull and stained; and it’s only by having them professionally cleaned that they’ll be restored to their former, pearly white glory.

Along with freshening your breath, teeth cleaning will also help to improve your general health, as many conditions, such as diabetes and others, may begin with or be affected by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. As an additional bonus for having your teeth regularly cleaned, you will save money you may otherwise have paid out for costly procedures to remedy some of the problems we mentioned above. Spending a little time and money on your teeth now will go a long way towards protecting your health, and your finances, well into the future.

Tips on What to Do before Going to the Dentist for a Cleaning

The first thing to bear in mind when you go to the dentist for a cleaning is that you don’t need to go overboard with brushing and cleaning your teeth yourself before you go — that’s the dentist’s job. Certainly, brush your teeth as normal, but there’s no need to scrub away at areas that look like they need a bit of attention, because if there are problem spots on your teeth, the dentist will be better able to see, and clean, them when you arrive, without you having brushed them to a sparkling level.

Following on from this, it’s also not a good idea to have your teeth whitened, including with the growing range of home kits now available, before you go to the dentist for a cleaning. Many dentists report that their patients who come in for teeth cleaning have lovely, white teeth because they’ve whitened them and want to show their dentist they’re really looking after their teeth.

Whitening teeth can also make them sensitive during the professional cleaning process, and you don’t want this during the procedure. If you do want them whitened, it’s recommended you do so after they’re cleaned, as they’ll be free of plaque, tartar and debris, and the gels used in teeth whitening will be better able to penetrate the tooth — a far better dental result all round.

Preparing for a Dental Cleaning

Something else to be aware of if you’re going to your dentist in Ireland for a cleaning is that if you’re feeling under the weather or have come down with a cold or flu, or something else, it’s probably best to reschedule it. When teeth are professionally cleaned, lots of bacteria in plaque can get into the bloodstream, and while it’s not a problem for healthy people to deal with, if your system is already battling a cold or flu virus, it won’t thank you for a sudden invasion of mouth bacteria.

If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned by your dentist in Ireland — or anywhere else, for that matter — for a while, or even never, it may take a while to have them cleaned, due to the level of plaque buildup. Having them regularly cleaned means there’s less to do, and so it becomes an easier and faster procedure. Try to make sure you have your teeth cleaned twice a year.

And on the day you go for your cleaning, brush your teeth in your usual way beforehand and you’re all set to get them back to their pristine and glorious condition.

Are you planning to visit your dentist in Ireland for teeth cleaning?

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