How to Whiten Teeth: A Dentist’s Guide

If you want to know how to whiten teeth, you just have to take a bite out of our handy guide.

Who doesn’t love a bright, cheery smile? It starts with great and brilliantly white teeth — the kind many of us long for but unfortunately don’t always achieve. And our diets often don’t help either, as everything from the tea and coffee we can’t do without to our favourite meals can leave a lasting impression on, well, your teeth. Stubborn stains on clothes are nothing compared to the marks on your teeth that, despite endless brushing with the latest toothpastes, just won’t shift.

So how do you go about getting stunningly white teeth that will turn an ordinary smile into a million-dollar one and really boost your confidence? Of course, you can always go to a teeth whitening specialist like us here at The James Clinic and avail of cutting-edge technology that will quickly remove years of tooth stains and leave them looking incredible.

How to Whiten Teeth the DIY Way

Obviously if you’re not brushing your teeth, you’re not going to have great-looking ones, never mind your oral health. These days, however, more people than ever are mindful of their overall health, which starts with brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

One of the best things you can do if you’re trying to figure out how to whiten teeth yourself is to have a look at your diet. Many of us have diets that are, shall we say, less than healthy, and this can affect the way our teeth look. Eating a diet high in junk food, for instance, is not going to benefit your teeth all that much, while one rich in wholegrain, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and nuts will almost certainly do your teeth good.

Also be on the lookout for citrus fruits like lemons, as they can not only strip away the enamel on teeth, due to their acidic nature, but they can almost make them look yellow. And you might be surprised to learn that some fruits can actually help to whiten the teeth, including papayas and pineapple, as they contain enzymes that may have a lightening effect.

Lifestyle Habits and Teeth Cleaning

If you’re a smoker and would love to have white teeth, you surely know why it’s an impossible task. All that tar and thousands of toxic chemicals given off by burning tobacco have a detrimental effect on teeth — as well as grealy imperiling your overall health. Even going to see a teeth whitening specialist and having the work done won’t achieve much in the long run if you’re still smoking, and it’s likely your dentist will tell you about this prior to whitening your teeth, if they decide to undertake the task at all.

You can opt, however, for effective treatments like Scale and Polish, where the dentist will remove deposits trapped between your teeth and stains as well, and Pearl Air Polishing, which uses a powerful jet of air to give you pain-free, sparkling results.

You can also see if your dentist has a professional teeth-whitening kit that will give you that dazzling smile you’ve been longing for and totally restore your smile.

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