Nobel Biocare Implants and How They Could Benefit You

Restoring your teeth with Nobel Biocare is a superior solution — fortunately, you can get these top-level dental implants in Ireland.

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, like many people are, a permanent solution to your gap woes is dental implants, which fit into your jaw bone and last. They not only enhance the appearance of your teeth, and restore them to the way they used to be, but they also improve the functionality of your mouth, resulting in improved chewing and later digesting of your food — ensuring you get all the essential nutrition you need to live a healthy life.

Nobel Biocare is one of the world’s leaders in dental implant technology, and if you’re looking for dental implants in Ireland, you can avail of the Swiss-based company’s innovations and never have to worry about your tooth loss again. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have some of the best dental implants available anywhere; a premium solution to extractions and other dental dilemmas that leave you with holes in your jaw.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are usually comprised of three elements — a metal screw, which goes into the jaw bone; an abutment, or connector; and a crown resembling the existing tooth, which is placed on top. Nobel Biocare has developed dental implants that are not made of metal but ceramic, and are formed of just two parts. This has the benefit of making them easier to place and also helps ensure they don’t fail, as there are fewer parts that might break or get chipped.

That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong or potentially problematic with metal dental implants. They’re typically made from titanium or a mix of titanium and other metals, and in almost all cases, there are no difficulties with the bone they’re implanted into. The most important aspect of getting dental implants in Ireland — whether it’s Nobel Biocare or other products — is that the foundation element is strong and capable of supporting the entire implant for years to come.

Can Everyone Have Dental Implants?

While you might think it’s relatively straightforward to get dental implants in Ireland and everyone can have them, the reality is slightly different because not every patient is a good candidate for dental implants. If there’s insufficient jaw bone in the area where the implant is intended to go, for example, it might not be possible. And some medical conditions might mean a patient can’t have dental implants — these include diabetes and gum disease.

If you have poor oral hygiene or if you’re a heavy smoker and unless you improve your oral hygiene and stop smoking, you may be at risk of dental implant failure. Smoking cigarettes, for instance, results in poor circulation, including to the gums, and this means the healing process after having dental implants can be much longer, and, ultimately, they might not take.

What Really Sets Nobel Biocare Implants Apart?

The Swiss dental implants company — whose parent company is the American firm Danaher Corporation, specialising in science and technology solutions — with its global operations and offices, has invested heavily in research and development over the years. This means that when you’re getting Nobel Biocare dental implants, you are benefiting from superior implants that are designed and built to stay in place for the rest of your life as long as you keep high standards of oral hygiene.

Plus, in situations where it might not otherwise be possible — especially where there’s compromised bone — Nobel has created dental implants that can be used. Millions of people around the world have benefited from Nobel innovations since the company came up with its first dental implants way back in 1952 — and over the years, it says it has never wavered in its goal “to empower dental professionals to give quality of life back to their patients”.

If you have had teeth removed or that fell out and you’d like to discuss restoration options, including having Nobel Biocare dental implants in Ireland, contact The James Clinic today and we will be pleased to advise.