How Dental Veneers Can Give You a Celebrity Smile

Having amazing teeth can make you look fantastic, and now you can have a smile makeover in Ireland.

Here’s a secret we’ll let you in on: almost no one is born with perfect teeth. They may be perfectly healthy and in great shape, but they’re usually not all aesthetically aligned and the same length and brilliantly white. So you might wonder how all those people in the movies and on TV manage to have extremely brilliant teeth — picture-perfect and bright, dazzling smiles. Did they win the oral jackpot? It’s more likely they had a great dentist.

So it’s certainly true to say that most of us naturally have teeth that are not the same as those of many celebrities. Ours can be crooked, mismatched, off-white and even yellowing — and despite our parents’ best efforts to straighten them up and have our teeth looking better, with braces and everything else, often, the results don’t exactly deliver a winning smile. You can use all the teeth-whitening and other products you like to try to attain dental perfection, but you may end up disappointed when they don’t give you the transformative look you’re after.

What you might need are dental veneers. And now, you can get a smile makeover in Ireland, which uses the latest technology to scan and create these gems of cosmetic dentistry that will radically alter your teeth so that they look amazing and you have an incredible smile that brightens up your face and makes you look like a star.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are usually made from porcelain, a hard-wearing and lasting material that doesn’t stain. Essentially, they’re thin strips of porcelain — quite like a shell — that are fitted over the front of a tooth. You may also have heard of crowns, another popular cosmetic dental solution for great smiles, and they differ in that they encase the entire tooth. Veneers are less invasive, and that means there’s less of the tooth to file down in preparation for bonding them to the teeth.

After numbing the area with a local anaesthetic, the dentist will shave down the front part of the tooth so that there’s space to apply the veneer. Depending on the size and shape of your teeth, veneers may vary in width and length, so when applied, the result is perfectly matched and aligned teeth that are the same length. All this can be done in as little as a day with such leading technology as CEREC, which we use in our clinics. It means no more lengthy and repeated trips to the dentist to have veneers and no more uncomfortable procedures to endure. It’s all over and done in a flash.

Your Smile Makeover in Ireland

If you’re wondering what kind of problems might be fixed by dental veneers, the answer is many. These include broken and chipped teeth and teeth that have been worn down over time, perhaps especially by the damaging habit of grinding. They’re also suitable for addressing gaps between teeth, covering them up entirely and eliminating the gaps for good. Veneers will also remedy all kinds of misaligned teeth, as well as those that are angled in different ways and teeth that have become badly discoloured.

So how do you take care of veneers? Just like you would your teeth before you had them: by brushing regularly and maintaining good oral health. Although the material they’re made from is strong, it can chip and break, so it’s important to avoid chewing on hard things like ice or nuts, trying to open things with your teeth or biting your nails.

Then you’ll have the celebrity smile you’ve always dreamed of, and one that lasts.

Get your very own Hollywood look with an incredible smile makeover in Ireland that will dramatically boost your image. Contact The James Clinic now and avail of our one-day smile makeover technology.