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At The James Clinic, we offer new and existing patients scale & polish and periodontal treatments. We advise all of our patients to see a hygienist at least twice a year for strong oral health.

Good dental hygiene services are essential to maintaining not just oral health but your overall health and wellbeing too, as some conditions, such as diabetes, can be traced back to starting in the mouth. And having regular dental appointments to check for the build-up of plaque and tartar, and remove them if present, can give a boost to your general health.

It’s recommended to have your teeth examined and cleaned every six months. This will help to prevent gum and other diseases from forming, as well as cut the risk of you developing halitosis, or bad breath. Some people may need more regular check-ups, however, including orthodontic patients, to care for their teeth and gums while they have braces.

It’s not only for adults either; dental hygiene for kids is also important for their health as well as their ongoing development. It ensures their teeth are growing the right way and that there are no emerging problems; and if there are, they can be remedied long before they become something that could be more difficult, and expensive, to treat.

At The James Clinic, you can have dental hygiene treatment for yourself and your kids so that your oral health is optimum and you don’t develop any issues. We have a range of dental hygiene services that will keep your teeth in top condition and give you great oral health. Our resident hygienists provide advice on teeth care, perform high-level cleaning services and help to spot signs of problems such as plaque build-up and gum disease before they can become serious.

We are pleased to now also offer Air-Flow — the latest technology in advanced dental hygiene treatment. This polishing technique uses high-pressure air and water and a specially formulated powder that can help restore teeth to their natural colour by removing external stains, such as those caused by coffee, tea, red wine and various foods.

Making sure you go to a dental hygienist in Ireland is an essential element in remaining healthy throughout your life.

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