Christina Cole – dental hygienist

Christina Cole

Dental Hygienist

I’m deeply passionate about promoting oral health as a dental hygienist. I strive to create meaningful connections with my patients, ensuring they feel comfortable and empowered. Keeping up with the latest in dental science helps me provide top-notch care. My goal is to educate and inspire positive oral health habits, making a tangible difference in people’s lives every day.

Since I was in Transition year in secondary school after attending a talk from a dentist, I knew that a career in dentistry was for me. I loved the idea of encouraging people to be more confident in their smile. I then went on to study in Trinity College Dublin and graduated with a Dental Hygiene Diploma. At the moment, I am an active committee member with the role of social media in the Irish Dental Hygiene Association. 

During a dental scale and polish, I focus on giving you practical oral hygiene tips that fit seamlessly into your busy life. Customizing a routine that’s both effective and easy for you is my top priority.

My top tips for oral hygiene are – 

1. Cleaning interdental spaces: using floss, easy picks or tepe brushes between the teeth is very important! Research says that only 60% can be removed by the toothbrush alone. This should be done once a day at least. 

2. Focusing on mechanical removal, mouthwash can be beneficial for certain cases however using a toothbrush and interdental aids is the most optimal form of oral hygiene.

3. Spit don’t rinse! As odd as it sounds, it is important to allow the toothpaste to absorb rather than washing it out with water. Think about it, you wouldn’t go back in the shower after applying body lotion. 

4. Attending routine scale and polish appointments. It is important to at least visit your dentist once a year and the hygienist twice. We can keep you up to date with how you are doing and make sure all the harden plaque is removed. 

5. Brushing twice a day, plaque builds up minutes after brushing or even after a scale and polish. After 24 hours bacteria in the mouth can become harmful. It is best to keep disrupting the plaque to prevent this. 


My 5 facts about me – 

1. I really love listening and playing music in my spare time. I play the electric guitar and piano. 

2. I use to be a very competitive Irish dancer and have won the All Ireland’s previously. 

3. I enjoy travelling and would love to explore more countries and their cultures

4. My favourite animal are cats

5. I am originally from Westmeath but the country life isn’t for me and I now live in Dublin.

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