With a Smile Makeover, Should You Have Crowns or Veneers?

The teeth of your dreams are not far away with an easy and affordable smile makeover.

Many people today are opting for cosmetic dentistry to improve their teeth, smile and overall look, and with the introduction of new dental technologies, it’s now more affordable and faster than ever. In fact, cosmetic dentistry in Ireland, such as at our clinics, lets you have a smile makeover in just a day.

But while a smile makeover may seem easy to grasp in terms of what it promises to do, what actually is involved, what choices do you have with the materials that will be used and what can you expect the results to look like? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at smile makeovers and give you the information you need if you’re considering having one.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

Almost no one has teeth that are perfectly straight or aligned, or the same length. They can jut out at different angles to those beside them, and they can be chipped or broken. Many are also not all that pearly white and can even be yellow or badly stained from foods and drinks that leave stains that no amount of brushing will remove. If you’re a smoker, you probably have a build-up of tar on some of your teeth, too.

A smile makeover is designed to rectify some, if not all, of these issues, giving you back the teeth you once had and, in many cases, entirely perfect teeth that are almost unrecognisable from the crooked and chipped originals. This dental transformation may only be done on a number of teeth, especially those at the front that are visible, or it may be on all or most — and with cheap cosmetic dentistry now widely available, you may be able to do your entire set of teeth in one go.

What Types of Procedures Are Available?

There are many options for having a smile makeover, and they’re not always about having crowns or veneers fitted. It may be that your dentist recommends you have teeth whitening done, and this can be performed in the clinic or at home. The James Clinic, for example, has professional teeth whitening kits that you use at home over a number of weeks to whiten your teeth by several shades. This is done after an examination and the creation of a mould that fits your teeth perfectly and in which the whitening solution is placed.

Another option with smile makeovers is composite bonding. It’s typically used to repair chipped or broken teeth and involves the application of a type of resin to cover up unsightly cracks and gaps between teeth. It’s a non-invasive, fast and lasting procedure that dramatically improves teeth and a person’s smile. For the type of celebrity smile that many people desire, this is achieved with the application of veneers and crowns over the teeth.

What Are Crowns and Veneers?

Crowns and veneers are almost always made from porcelain now. Sometimes, crowns can also contain metal, but it may show up on the edges of the crowns after several years, leading to a look that’s not aesthetically pleasing, and so these days, it’s mostly porcelain alone that’s used in crowns.

The main difference between the two is that crowns cover the entire tooth, while veneers are only placed over the front of them. A certain amount of filing is required to remove some of the original tooth in preparation for the placement of both, and usually, less of the tooth is removed when veneers are being used.

One of the advantages of crowns, however, is that they’re less likely to come loose and fall off compared to veneers, as they’re snapped firmly into place over the teeth. Another benefit of crowns is they help to protect the tooth from decay and other potential problems, as they encase them completely. But veneers are also a great option for a smile makeover, as they can be just as aesthetically pleasing and are easier to apply to the tooth.

Whatever the case, your dentist will be able to discuss your smile makeover options with you so you get the procedure that’s right for you and gives you a dazzling smile.

If you’re thinking about having a smile makeover and are wondering what procedures are available with cosmetic dentistry in Ireland, contact The James Clinic and our smile makeover experts will give you a consultation and explain everything you need to know.