Why Invisible Braces Mean No One Will Know You’re Wearing Them

Now, your teeth can be corrected without anyone knowing about it.

It used to be that children and also adults dreaded the prospect of having to have braces fitted to straighten their teeth and bring them into better alignment because the clunky metal devices were clearly visible as soon as you opened your mouth to say something, and could lead to taunts or questions about your appearance. Not anymore.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way in orthodontics since this type of brace was the only choice. We now have the option of invisible braces that give you the teeth-straightening treatment you need over a year or two but without detracting from your appearance and making you feel self-conscious about wearing them.

Why Might You Need Dental Braces?

Dental braces are not just about cosmetically improving your appearance so that over time your teeth move together and are better aligned; they’re also about functionality. That’s because a patient’s bite — where their upper and lower teeth meet — may not be perfect and cause an overbite or underbite that needs to be corrected.

They’re also used in situations where there’s an overcrowding of teeth so that they can be moved apart and lead to better oral health (as, otherwise, pieces of food could get trapped and you might find it hard to clean your teeth properly). Crooked teeth can be straightened over the period braces are worn, and they’re also used to correct a misaligned jaw — a condition known as malocclusion.

Whether they’re invisible braces or the usual kind that everyone can see, they might look like small and fragile devices, but they’re strong, robust and highly effective at resolving all these conditions.

How Are Invisible Braces Different?

The main difference with invisible braces compared to the more traditional type is where they’re placed. Also known as lingual braces, they go behind the teeth, so there’s no possibility anyone is going to see them. They do the job of straightening and aligning teeth just as well but out of sight of everyone. Why should anyone know?

Invisible braces are made using the latest dental technologies and are fully customisable to each patient so that you get the results you want. They’re of particular benefit to people who spend a lot of time with others, whether for studies, work or play, and don’t want traditional braces to detract from their look.

No One Need Know

This can be an important consideration for teenagers, for instance, who are often sensitive about their developing looks and, at the same time, making new friends — their emerging social lives are just as important as anything — and the teenage years are often when braces are required. It would be a shame not to correct teeth problems at this stage of a young person’s life before they perhaps go on to higher education, enter the workplace and start a family, if they refused to wear usual braces that everyone could see.

It can be the ideal solution for adults who need orthodontic treatment, too, when their dentist recommends they wear braces for a year or more, and invisible braces are widely available in Ireland, including at our Enfield dentist practice. For adults who have jobs where they have to meet a lot of people or give speeches or presentations, visible braces might not be the right fit. With invisible braces, however, they can look as professional and feel as confident as always.

Something else that might be off-putting to those who have been advised to wear a brace is the cost. Dental braces are among the most expensive dental solutions and typically cost several thousand euros. At The James Clinic, we’re pleased to offer interest-free financing to spread the cost and help everyone who needs braces to get them.

You can get invisible braces fitted at The James Clinic and also benefit from our interest-free repayment scheme. Contact us now to find out more.