Payment Plans for Dental Braces That Will Lighten the Load

With dental braces payment plans, there’s no need to be distressed at paying a big lump sum.

There are many benefits of having dental braces fitted, whether for children or adults, but because they tend to be one of the more expensive procedures, some people are unfortunately put off by the cost, which typically runs into several thousand euros. When household budgets are tight and perhaps stretched thin because of the needs of a number of children, just the thought of having to pay for dental braces for one or more of them can be alarming.

That’s why dental braces payment plans are a godsend: you’re able to get the braces you want without having to come up with a significant amount of money at the outset. Here at The James Clinic, we understand the financial pressures on some of our patients and their families, which is why we’ve come up with flexible dental braces payment plans that will dramatically ease the burden and not put a strain on the household budget.

Now, members of your family can have dental braces fitted and there’s no need to worry about paying a lump sum to have it done. Before we get to our dental braces payment plans — as an example of what you could expect — let’s have a look at braces and why someone in your family might need them.

Reasons for Having Dental Braces Fitted

Dental braces have many benefits, and they go beyond just aligning teeth and closing the gaps between them. They’re usually worn anywhere between 18 months and two years, and overall, they greatly impact a person’s oral health for the better. This means you can expect to have improved tooth and gum health, and this will also benefit the way you eat and your digestion as well as help to prevent jawbone erosion from occurring and improve the way you speak because your teeth will be better aligned.

Your dentist might recommend that you have braces fitted if you have a lot of crowding or spacing of teeth in one area, and this might also affect your bite — giving you an overbite or underbite — due to misaligned teeth. Patients who have incorrect positioning of the jaw or a type of disorder of the jaw joints might also be candidates for dental braces, so the problems can be corrected over time. Other conditions that may call for braces include tooth grinding, gum disease and general difficulties chewing and eating.

You don’t have to be put off by unsightly metal braces anymore, however — especially if you’re an adult and have to attend work meetings, give speeches and do anything else you might have to in the public eye. These days, you can look forward to clear dental braces, including Damon system braces, and hardly anyone would know you’re wearing them at all — also an important factor when young people, such as teenagers, are making new friends.

Dental Braces Payment Plans

Each patient is different, and so it’s not possible to give an exact figure of how much dental braces will cost before you have an initial examination and assessment. But let’s say that you should expect to pay in the region of around €3,800 for your braces — it may be less, or slightly higher; we’ll just use this sum as a general guide.

Under the terms of our dental braces payment plans, you’ll pay a deposit of €500 the day your braces are fitted, and you then have a choice of making repayments over a period of a year or 18 months. If you opt for 12 months, it works out at €275 a month, or just €68.75 per week. The longer-term option has an even more affordable repayment plan of €183.33 a month — only €45.83 every week of the plan’s duration.

With affordable dental braces payment plans like these, there’s no reason not to have orthodontic treatment and have great teeth and optimal oral health.

Do you, or does someone in your family, have to have dental braces and you’re worried about the cost? The James Clinic is here to help you spread the cost so you don’t have to come up with a large payment. Contact us today to find out more.