Irish People Dying to Take a Bite out of Cosmetic Dentistry

Is cheap cosmetic dentistry driving demand for amazing teeth and incredible smile makeovers? We conducted a survey to find out people’s views.

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise all over Ireland. We see many people coming to our clinics wanting to improve their look and smile by having crowns or veneers fitted — and we wanted to find out what the general view in the country is of such procedures. We commissioned a survey from Google in the middle of May, and the results were probably not all that surprising. According to the survey, most Irish adults would love to have cosmetic dentistry — especially to give them a boost in their work and personal lives.

The good news for them is that cheap cosmetic dentistry — of high quality and using the best materials and processes for a lasting result — is now widely available around Ireland. And thanks to the recent introduction of new dental technology, it no longer takes ages and lots of pain and effort to get the kind of smile makeover you want, as crowns and veneers can be made and fitted in as little as a day. That’s what we offer at our three clinics, using sophisticated CEREC technology to get the job done in a flash and deliver amazing new teeth and smiles.

Our survey found that the majority of those polled — 28% — agreed with the view that having your teeth improved might help to improve your career prospects as well as your relationships. A further 26.7% said that it was probably a good thing to have done to boost your chances of being promoted or finding a new partner — while 24.7% said they didn’t think to improve teeth made a difference and 20.7% “didn’t really care” one way or the other.

Importance of Good Teeth and Smile

A majority of respondents to our survey — 53.8% — said that having good teeth and a great smile was important to them because it made them more confident. This perhaps also translates into feelings of good teeth being beneficial for careers and relationships, because the more self-assured someone is, the more likely they are to succeed in whatever they’re doing or with goals they’re trying to achieve.

A total of 19.2% were somewhat oblivious about good teeth and smiles, saying they didn’t really think about it, while 18.2% of respondents said it was possible that good teeth and a good smile would make them feel more confident — as long as they actually had good teeth, which they currently may not have. And 8.3% of those who took part in the survey said they didn’t think it was all that important — if at all — to have good teeth and a dazzling smile.

As for how happy, or satisfied, respondents were with their teeth as they currently are, most — 42.7% — said they were perfectly content with them. But 34% said they were “a bit insecure about how they look” while 12.7% said their teeth were the feature they most wished they could fix and 10.7% “hate how my teeth look”.

The Desire for Cheap Cosmetic Dentistry

Overall, most survey respondents said that cosmetic dentistry was a good thing to improve someone’s overall look, with 33.5% saying “maybe” it was — and 32.9% agreeing with the view that it was “definitely” beneficial. Some people — 17.4% — held the view that natural teeth untouched by cosmetic dentistry were much better. However, 16.2% didn’t know and were not sure about the benefits.

Asked if they would consider having cosmetic dentistry — such as crowns or veneers — if the cost was not an issue, the majority (38.4%) said “absolutely” while 27% said no, they liked their teeth as they were.  20.1% said they weren’t sure but would probably go ahead. Finally, a total of 14.5% said: “why not?”

So now we know that there’s a clear desire among the public for better teeth and more radiant smiles to give a general boost in confidence and improve lives — and thanks to cheap cosmetic dentistry, it’s no longer out of reach.

If you’re looking for cheap cosmetic dentistry that will give you a total smile makeover and make you look radiant, contact The James Clinic today and we will be happy to advise you on the best procedure to deliver a winning smile. Get in touch now.