Can You Get Cheap Dental Crowns in Ireland?

Cheap cosmetic dentistry is becoming widely available, which explains all those dazzling smiles we’re seeing.

Have you noticed that a lot of people suddenly seem to have incredible teeth and are sporting beaming smiles that make them look great? It’s undeniable there’s been a huge surge in people having cosmetic dentistry, to get the stunning teeth and the smile of their dreams, and we certainly see a big demand at our clinics. So what’s behind it?

Some point to the popularity of various TV programmes in which people — sometimes contestants battling to win something — have Hollywood-type teeth and perfect bodies. It’s not enough, they say, to just get in shape — you also have to look after other aspects of your appearance, including your teeth. And, well, if they don’t exactly measure up, you can certainly do something about it, so you do have a winning smile.

You can definitely have a smile makeover in Ireland, but can you get cheap dental crowns?

Cheap Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

What most people are having done, to “fix” their teeth and have a great smile, is getting crowns or veneers. Both are made from hard-wearing porcelain and the former is like a shell that encases the entire tooth — also providing a protective function — while the latter is a thin sliver of porcelain fitted to the front of teeth. Some crowns or veneers also have metal elements to them, but as the metal can become visible over time, ruining the look, its use is generally being phased out.

Both veneers and crowns are invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures because part of the tooth or teeth must be removed — filed back — so there’s enough space to fit them. Crowns require more removal of a tooth than veneers, and, with proper oral care and hygiene, both can last many years. You may get up to a decade or 15 years or more from crowns and veneers before they have to be replaced. And these days, crowns and veneers are offered as part of cheap cosmetic dentistry by a growing number of dental practices around Ireland.

That’s because, traditionally, crowns and veneers have been incredibly expensive and were only in the realm of film stars and other celebrities — people with lots of cash who could afford them. Now, however, prices have come way down. As with many things, this is due to the introduction of new technologies. Cheap cosmetic dentistry doesn’t sacrifice quality, though, and today, mere mortals can have a celebrity smile.

Cheap Dental Crowns in Ireland

We can certainly speak from experience regarding cheap dental crowns in Ireland because we use sophisticated CEREC technology at our clinics to make them. The process starts with a scan of a person’s teeth and gums, using a high-tech camera. Then software is used to model the kind of crowns perfect for each patient.

An on-site milling machine makes the crowns to the software’s precise specifications, and they can be further refined or altered, if necessary. After the teeth are prepared, the crowns are fitted into place and bonded with a substance so they’ll stay put. All this is done in one appointment — so there’s no need to have repeat visits. It’s also no longer necessary to have an impression taken of your teeth and gums and a mould made of them to make the crowns, while you wear temporary crowns for a week or so in the meantime.

We call it our One-Day Smile Makeover, and it will completely boost your look, without draining your wallet.

If you’re considering having cheap cosmetic dentistry in Ireland and are wondering if you can have crowns fitted, make an appointment with The James Clinic now and we will advise.