3 Benefits of Having Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s never been easier to have cosmetic dentistry in Ireland that will restore your teeth and give you a winning smile.

Let’s face it: we weren’t all born with perfect teeth. In fact, few, if any of us, are entirely happy with the way our teeth are and how our smile radiates to the world. And while it’s normal to have teeth that are not all that straight, and some that may be slightly misaligned, many people would like them otherwise — and certainly a lot, lot whiter.

Getting them fixed is certainly an option, and these days, many dental clinics, including ours, offer cosmetic dentistry in Ireland that will give you a dazzling smile. Plus, you no longer have to consider taking out a second mortgage to have your teeth done, as the procedure is now more affordable than ever. Here are three things you can look forward to if you choose to have cosmetic dentistry to look amazing.

Better Bite

First of all, if you’re thinking of having cosmetic dentistry in Ireland, it’s not all about image and how you’ll look after — but about how your newly aligned teeth will function. That’s because many of us don’t have a perfect bite — the meeting of the upper and lower teeth — due to various misalignments of our teeth. This can lead to stresses and strains on some teeth, as they take a heavier load than others during the bite and can cause damage. Having cosmetic dentistry will remedy this because your new teeth — whether crowns or veneers — will be perfectly matched up and aligned, giving you an ideal bite and vastly improved function.

Better Protection

Having cosmetic dentistry done in Ireland means you’re also protecting your teeth in the long run. Crowns are thin pieces of porcelain that fit around the entire tooth like a glove, while veneers are strips that are bonded to just the front of the tooth. You can also have dental bonding, which repairs cracked or broken teeth, or dental implants, giving you back teeth you’ve lost. Whichever type your dentist advises is best for you, you can be sure your teeth will be well-protected for years to come thanks to the porcelain or other additions, and this may not only save you potential pain and trouble but lots of money too.

Lots More Confidence

Thanks to the introduction of new and sophisticated dental technologies, you can have a smile makeover in just one day. At The James Clinic, for example, we use CEREC technology, which uses computers, software and a milling machine to scan the mouth, design crowns or veneers that are perfect for each patient and have them made and fitted straight away. Now, with your great new teeth and celebrity smile, you won’t be shy about showing them off and you’ll almost certainly have a lot more confidence in your personal and work life. It could be the big boost you’ve been wanting.

You no longer have to put up with bad teeth that were ruining your look and sapping your self-confidence. And if you’re not sure if you want to go ahead and have crowns or veneers just yet, you can always go for the quick-and-easy option of teeth whitening and see how you feel once your pearly whites are glistening the way you want them. We offer professional teeth whitening kits that are used at home along with a special mould that we make for our patients so that they get the maximum results. Say hello to a whole new and improved you!

Are you unhappy with your teeth and would love to have them fixed so that you have an incredible smile? Contact The James Clinic today and our cosmetic dentistry experts will be able to tell you which procedure is right for you and explain all about it. Get in touch now.