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What to Do If You Have Severe Pain after Root Canal Treatment

What to Do If You Have Severe Pain after Root Canal Treatment

Severe pain after root canal treatment can be a sign that all is not right. Root canals are an important dental treatment, as they save teeth that might otherwise have to be extracted due to infections that have entered through the roots and into the pulp chamber and put its health in peril. Although this procedure has sometimes had a bad reputation among patients because they’ve heard terror-tales of fierce pain involved, the truth is that today’s modern dentistry techniques…
Dental Implants Can You Smoke after Getting Them

Dental Implants: Can You Smoke After Getting Them?

Dental implants are designed to be tough and long-lasting, but certain things can interfere with their success. Dental implants are the ideal solution for failing teeth or those that have been extracted, either recently or a long time ago, and there’s a big gap left between your teeth. They’re strong, durable and use a number of materials to place them in your mouth and hopefully keep them there. But not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, and even if…
All You Need to Know About Composite Bonding

How Composite Bonding Can Give Back Your Great Smile

The restoration of damaged teeth is only a dental visit away, with composite bonding. Getting the perfect smile need not involve invasive procedures such as having crowns or veneers, where parts of your teeth are removed to make space for them, when you can have the minimally invasive and more affordable option of composite bonding. It’s an ideal solution for people with chipped or broken teeth, or perhaps some that are badly stained, quickly restoring them to the way they…
Whitening and Pregnancy What to Expect

Whitening and Pregnancy: What to Expect

A new baby is on the way — but is a smile makeover with teeth whitening while pregnant also on the cards? Every woman wants to look her best, and especially during the most important times of her life — and that doesn’t only mean her wedding day but also when she’s pregnant and about to give birth. Just because you’re going through nine months that at times can be uncomfortable, or even when you’re ill because of morning sickness,…
cheap cosmetic dentistry

Irish People Dying to Take a Bite out of Cosmetic Dentistry

Is cheap cosmetic dentistry driving demand for amazing teeth and incredible smile makeovers? We conducted a survey to find out people’s views. Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise all over Ireland. We see many people coming to our clinics wanting to improve their look and smile by having crowns or veneers fitted — and we wanted to find out what the general view in the country is of such procedures. We commissioned a survey from Google in the middle of…
Invisalign How Effective Are These Clear Braces

Invisalign: How Effective Are These Clear Braces?

Millions of people have worn Invisalign braces, but are they a gimmick or effective at straightening teeth? Braces are essential for many dental patients, to help correct their teeth by adjusting them in the right way, but almost no one likes wearing them — or to be seen with the metal devices in their mouth. Thankfully, we’ve had a great deal of progress in dentistry and various equipment, instruments and devices in recent years, and one development means you no…
How to Maintain Good Oral Health

How to Maintain Good Oral Health

A healthy smile is a great asset and can help keep the rest of your body healthy too. But how can you maintain good oral health? Make the most of your smile and keep your mouth clean and healthy by following these simple steps. Neglecting your oral health can cause painful problems like decay and gum disease and ultimately lead to expensive dental treatments or even losing teeth altogether. In fact, research indicates that a healthy mouth can contribute to…
Fillings, Crowns and Implants — How to Decide What's Right for You

Fillings, Crowns and Implants — How to Decide What’s Right for You

Puzzled by the types of dental fillings and other work you might have performed at your dentist? No need to be — we’ve extracted all you need to know. If you’re going to have some work done on your teeth, perhaps an extraction or a procedure to save a tooth (root canal) or something else, you may be wondering what the end result will be. What method will your dentist use to cover over any work so that your teeth…

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