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conversation before dental operation

Why Dental Sedation Will Put You Right at Ease

There’s no need to fear the dentist when there’s dental sedation at hand. Here’s what it is. Dentistry has come a long way in the last few decades. Modern procedures and techniques mean that practically everything you have done is relatively quick and painless, so you’re out of the dentist’s chair in no time and without having felt a thing. The goal of most dentists today, and certainly ours here at The James Clinic, is to put the patient and…
Nobel Biocare Implants and How They Could Benefit You

Nobel Biocare Implants and How They Could Benefit You

Restoring your teeth with Nobel Biocare is a superior solution — fortunately, you can get these top-level dental implants in Ireland. If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, like many people are, a permanent solution to your gap woes is dental implants, which fit into your jaw bone and last. They not only enhance the appearance of your teeth, and restore them to the way they used to be, but they also improve the functionality of your mouth, resulting in…
How Dental Veneers Can Give You a Celebrity Smile

How Dental Veneers Can Give You a Celebrity Smile

Having amazing teeth can make you look fantastic, and now you can have a smile makeover in Ireland.  Here’s a secret we’ll let you in on: almost no one is born with perfect teeth. They may be perfectly healthy and in great shape, but they’re usually not all aesthetically aligned and the same length and brilliantly white. So you might wonder how all those people in the movies and on TV manage to have extremely brilliant teeth — picture-perfect and…
Dentist examining little boy's teeth in clinic

Dental Care for Children: When to Start?

Good dental care for children begins the moment they’re born.  Every stage of a child’s development is important, including their teeth. But as milk teeth don’t often appear for quite some time, and then take a while to develop, you might wonder when is the best time to make an appointment with the dentist and start dental care for children. And you might think there’s no real point in going to a children’s dentist during the early stages of tooth…
Close-up portrait of a female patient getting a bleach treatment in clinic

Laser Teeth Whitening and How It Works

We all want whiter teeth, and a dazzling smile, and teeth whitening using laser light is a great way to get it. Teeth whitening is incredibly popular right now, as your teeth are one of the first things that people notice about you, and these days, many of us are doing all we can to make sure our teeth are as clean and white as possible, including getting laser and other treatments that will remove stains and give us a…
Man with swollen jaw after professional removal of wisdom teeth

What Are Wisdom Teeth Warning Signs?

There are a number of wisdom teeth warning signs to look out for so that you can take immediate action and help prevent a painful episode.  It’s believed wisdom teeth are something of an “evolutionary relic” from a time when our distant ancestors had much larger jaws and ate far rougher foods than we do, like roots and nuts that need a lot of chewing, and most of us have four of them at the back of our mouths, in…
causes of bad breath

Common Causes and Solutions for Bad Breath

There are many causes of bad breath — here’s how to ensure yours is fresh and healthy. Bad breath can be really problematic because you might not know you have it — how to smell your own breath? — but others surely might and may be too polite to tell you. It can linger on for ages, with you having no idea of your halitosis until someone finally dares to speak up and you’re mortally embarrassed. Bad breath is such…
beautiful girl at the dentist. Dental fillings - Image

Getting to the Root of Dental Fillings and How Long They Last

The question “how long do dental fillings last?” is often on the minds of patients getting one. We have some answers. Fillings have long been an essential part of dentistry, helping to save infected or damaged teeth that might otherwise be lost — and they’ve been around for hundreds of years. We don’t need to go into the history of dental fillings in this blog, except to thankfully say that since the practice began in the early 1800s, mercury is…

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