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The James Clinic is dedicated to providing excellence in dentistry, from orthodontics and cosmetic and general dentistry to dental implants and more.

With world-class dental specialists, cutting-edge technology, wonderful support staff and a calm and soothing environment, The James Clinic is committed to making you smile in every way.

Cosmetic Treatments

There's been a large rise in the number of people coming to our clinics for cosmetic dental treatments, as these days, people not only want great oral health and their teeth in good condition — they also want amazing smiles that dazzle. At the James Clinic, we're specialists in dental cosmetic treatments and we use the latest technologies to deliver the results you want at prices you'll love.

Our cosmetic treatments include dental implants, where an artificial tooth is used to replace a tooth, gap or bridge. Our dental implants look completely natural and blend with your existing teeth to provide a restored smile with a full set of teeth. You'll also experience a boost in your confidence, as you’ll no longer have to hide your smile because of gaps due to missing teeth or dentures that weren't all that secure. With expert attention and care from The James Clinic dentists, your new implants can last a lifetime.

We're also pleased to provide complete smile makeovers with dental veneers and crowns using CEREC technology, which does away with long and laborious procedures and gives you a dazzling smile in just one day. Additionally, we offer dental bridges, composite bonding and individual tooth whitening, where we take an impression of your teeth and give you your own customised tray for doing it at home yourself — an affordable way to have sparkling pearly whites.


All your adult and child orthodontics needs are met at The James Clinic, and we offer modern and enhanced braces that provide far better levels of comfort and hygiene. You can opt for clear braces made from ceramic for a more aesthetically pleasing look, and we can even fit braces behind your teeth so no one will even know you're wearing them. This can be especially beneficial to people who are in the public eye or have a lot of business or other meetings and don’t want traditional metal braces that might diminish their look.

Dental Hygiene

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy, thereby helping to protect your overall health, is easy with regular visits to The James Clinic. Having your teeth cleaned with us, for example, will allow your dentist to identify any developing problems — before they become a problem that could mean a lot of dental work and expense for you. It's a solid way of not only looking after your health but also your pocket. Our Air-Flow Polishing service uses cutting-edge dental technology to ensure any debris between your teeth is blasted away and any stains on your teeth are removed with the powerful, painless blasts of air.

General Dentistry

You can also come to The James Clinic for any general dentistry requirements, including examinations, X-Rays, fillings and extractions, root canal treatments and more. And if you want a fantastic smile on your big day, you can avail of our exclusive Wedding Smiles service to wow your guests with incredible teeth and look amazing in your wedding photographs.


Each of our patients has their own individual treatment plan, depending on their requirements, preferences and circumstances. You can view our prices here, but they're for guidance only and may be different following a consultation with one of our dentists to see what work needs doing in your particular case.

We understand that household budgets may be tight, however, and that some dental treatments can be expensive. That's why we're happy to provide interest-free payment plants for some treatments, where, after paying a deposit, you can spread the cost over a year or more. Now there's no need to break the bank to get the great teeth you've always wanted.



Every patient will have bespoke treatment at The James Clinic according to their particular circumstances, needs and preferences. These prices are for guidance only.

We also offer interest free payment plans for some treatments.



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“I've always hated visiting the dentist, I've changed dental practice so many times. I first visited Dr Hiney in perfect smile over a year ago and I can honestly say I've finally found a dental practice I'm not afraid of visiting. The friendly yet professional approach of all the staff make each visit an easy one. Highly recommend.“




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Got a question for us or want more information about any of our treatments? Just leave us a message and one of our lovely team will be in touch with you.