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Like everything we do at The James Clinic, our fees are totally transparent and there are no hidden charges or costs. When we inform you about the cost of a particular treatment — following a consultation to see what needs to be done and to work out the best and most cost-effective solution for you — you can be sure that's all you're going to pay.

Our fees are among the most competitive in the country, and you can be sure you'll get the most expert and detailed dental work that will fix your problem and give you great dental health. At the same time, we know that some of our patients can be put off going to the dentist because they fear the costs may be too high.

That's why we have developed a scheme where you can get some of our more expensive treatments — orthodontics, especially, due to the high costs of materials and the amount of work involved — on a payment plan. It means putting down a relatively small deposit and then paying back the remaining amount over a period of up to a year and a half. You don't have to worry about interest being piled up on the total, because our payment plans are entirely interest-free, placing no further financial burden on you.

Additionally, some of our treatments and procedures may be covered by VHI plans, while some are tax deductible — allowing you to claim up to 20% back on the amount paid.

The following is a list of fees for our difference procedures, but please bear in mind that they’re for guidance only and individual treatment plans may carry different fees, which may be higher or lower. We are happy to talk to you about any costs relating to upcoming treatments or to advise you about our affordable payment plans.

We accept direct VHI payments and we're pleased to offer interest-free payment plans for some of our more expensive treatments, such as root canals, implants and orthodontics. If you’re concerned about the cost of a dental consultation, including if it might be covered by VHI, contact us us and we will be happy to advise.

Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan €30.00
free with your PRSI contribution
Prescription €20.00
Dental Hygiene
Scale and Polish €60.00
€15 with your PRSI contribution
Periodontal Treatment (per visit) €150/€200
Teeth Whitening
Whitening Kit Take-Home Kit
(Customised impressions and trays)
Refill Kit From €50.00
Periapical X-Ray €10.00
Panoramic X-Ray €40.00
CBCT Scan €120
Composite Fillings (White) €90 - €150
Composite Veneers (Build-ups) From €150
Routine Extraction From €90
Surgical Extraction €150 - €350
Full Upper and Lower Acrylic Denture €600 (€300 each)
Partial Upper and Lower Acrylic Denture €500 (€250 each)
Cobalt Chrome Denture €800
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior €350
Pre-Molar €400
Molar €575
CEREC Crown (Crowns in ONE DAY) From €600
(Digitally scanned and roboticially prepared)
Implant Placement & Crown From €2,250.00
Orthodontics -- includes retainers
Fixed Upper and Lower (Damon System) From €3,800
Incognito (hidden braces) per arch From €3,000
Ormco Ice White Braces From €4,000

You can also connect with us on our Facebook page – and Instagram page and see what our patients are saying about what they've had done at The James Clinic. You can use the chat feature there to talk to us directly about your dental issues. Please note: A bespoke treatment estimate will be provided following a comprehensive assessment of individual treatment needs.


Why not come in for a chat and see how we could improve your smile. Fill in your details below and one of our team will call back to confirm an appointment date.

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“5 star service. I was really not looking forward to my procedure today but the care and attention that Dr Hiney and Sarah was second to none. I felt no pain throughout the 1.5 hour procedure and even had a few laughs along the way. I would highly recommend this practice.“




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Got a question for us or want more information about any of our treatments? Just leave us a message and one of our lovely team will be in touch with you.